Wuxi Dongya Uniform Group
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Customer base:Different types of recreation, holiday makers
Feature:Attentive service, uniquely designed rooms, equipped with special facilities (eg recreational facilities)
Feature analysis: Resorts, also known as a resort hotel, for guests to travel, vacation, meeting, infirmary, a hotel-type accommodation and entertainment activities, such hotels are generally alive to the scenic places. Resorts due to geographical, economic, and cultural differences with local flexibility and diversity of the characteristics of many experts and industry insiders are often the core concepts of the Resorts concentrated on the "experience", that is, resort to resort to direct observe or participate in the formation of the feelings and experience. Guests Resorts more "slow" way of life, contrary to the business hotel, free time to master. Guests should reflect a "home away from home" feeling, highlight the entertainment features that make guests feel comfortable, to relax from the inside out.